Friday, December 31, 2010

ぁけぉめ☆m(_ _)mことょろ\(^0^)/

The last few new years have been special, spent with good friends & missions.

Last New Years was in Chiba, Japan. Incredible 3 stages, sparkler bonfire, subwoofer floors, bamboo, full moon and giggles. It was a very special time.

-First 4.5 months spent in Japan
-Some soul searching & lots of bliss in incredible trips to Kumano, Takao, Hokkaido & Thailand
-Cut off my 7 year old Dreads
-Wonderful Flow
-Return to Canada & was introduced to a whole new group of friends (A little too much partying maybe but it was fun)
-Many growing/learning experiences with relationships
-Bought my first car, Shorty-the wonderful Jetta
-Returned to Nelson & started teaching Yoga again & Working at RBC
-Made marvelous connects with incredible people
-Determined a career I want to pursue

2010 has blessed me with rich experiences & much love. I am open to receive what 2011 has in store! Happy New Year Everyone!
2011 here we come, and may we get all our hearts desires in the year to come.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Festivas!

Look at this lovely editorial from Harper's Bazaar Spain

and her styling:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Full total Lunar eclipse, Winter Solstice. Once in every 456yrs, where masculine & feminine energies coincide

A Solstice Prayer

Beginning now, I choose to walk in a new way on planet Earth, to attune to her as I remember cosmic truth and embody my divine purpose.

I forgive myself and others and open my heart to receive the infinite blessings of divine love flowing throughout the universe and coursing through my very veins.

As I attune to the Earth, the Moon, the planet and star beings in the heavens, I breathe with universal forces of creation. Divine Source enters me, filling the cells and spaces of my being with pure love and light. I am healed, whole, and renewed.

May I be gentle with myself and others as pain, fear and suffering are released. I bless all I encounter and embrace my fellow beings, all situations and circumstances, all thoughts, feelings and emotions, as reflections of my own divinity.

I joyfully claim my destiny as a force for positive change at this turning point in Earth's history. Together with my brothers and sisters of all colors and faiths, I will strive to shape the future in ways that serve humanity's highest evolution and fulfill the needs of generations yet to come.

Aligned in truth, I am.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Matt & Nat

Omg Matt & Nat bags are to die for! I got a big brown one today with coral lining. It's beautiful!

Will someone also buy me this one?

5 beers last night gave me the hangover from hell today. I over-ate & feel oh so unpleasant now.


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