Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blue Moon

I don't know if it's the moon, the weather or my thoughts but I'm having trouble sleeping lately. Boo.

Every Japanese that has come to my room has used the same word to describe it: "Simple". This really surprises me every time. I certainly do not think it is simple, there are photos all over the walls, plants, fabrics, decorations and a chair in it. When I heard this for about the 4th time I told my German friend who made it clear to me why they thought it was "simple". In Japan there is no storage space in Apartments, so everyone has boxes or storage in their room in view. I don't have so much stuff & in Germany + Canada we like to keep that stuff out of sight. So I shove it under my bed, in Shumi's closet etc. Now it makes sense why my room is simple. .

Today is 19 Degrees!! Finally a break from cold & rain!
I'm oh so looking forward to hanami this weekend, Sat & Sun!


This weekend I went to a raw food restaurant with Sayaka, Akira & Mika. Delicious Sakura Raw Dessert <3 Mmm!

Sunday I went to Meguro river for Cherry Blossom viewing & Jazz+Wine by the river. Afterwards we went to Roppongi for an art exhibit featuring photography. Definitely inspiring & really made me marvel at the complexity & simplicity of Nature. Then we watched Avatar. It was a beautiful movie and I enjoyed it but I was expecting more. It almost reminded me of Jurrasic Park meets Pocahontas. But I've decided I will be Neytiri for halloween next year! I already have the hair, stretched ear, accessories and clothes.. or lack there of.

My startup disk is full so I can't upload any photos (which is really sad because I have some beautiful ones from the weekend!).

Today I walked to a little river near my home that has beautiful Sakura right now (I run under them everyday, lucky!). While I was taking photos a cute obachan came up to me and {in Japanese, again I am proud I can understand everything she said!} told me this was a good picture, beautiful with the sakura & train. Then she asked me which country I am from, how tall I am and said beautiul, I have very long legs. It was cute, she kept talking to me and hanging around. Also at Meguro Kawa sunday 2 Obachans walked by me and said "Wow! Long legs!" I turned around and laughed and they were shocked saying "She can understand Japanese!! Sorry, excuse me.. but your legs are so long!" I smiled and told them I understand, it's ok and thank you. They said "Beautiful, I like! I like!". So cute Obachans. Haha but I swear if I had 100yen every time someone said "Long Legs" or "Small Face" to me since coming to Japan I would be rich.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh My Goddess



I'm in the flow but I wish the flow would make my decisions for me, you know how Gemini's hate big decisions..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This weeks horoscope

Spring is here and you are in the mood to have more fun with friends new and old. With your energy levels running high you will make your moves soon. Communications and invitations will begin to flow like the spring melt. You are at some form of foundational level so concentrate. Increasing your scope and exposure to new people and ideas will open new doors and inspire you to realize dreams.

Yes Mr.O'Connor!


The moon is high in the sky bearing it's all-knowing-smile.
Summer weather makes you know everything's just gonna be alright.

The flow has carried me again, everything is so nice right now! Social connections with beautiful souls are occurring. I feel things are building and are just going to get better and better. And Yoga opportunities are finally here!
Today I went to Chaco's sale then Mika, Chaco & I ate a delicious lunch at a cute vegetable restaurant in Omotesando. It was so warm & windy today, there were so many people out. We went to the organic farmers market and I bought beautiful veggies-I can't wait to cook them!! The farmer was so nice, he gave me discounts and 2 carrots for free. Organic, semi-local and cheaper than the super! I will definitely be going back.

Kaldi Coffee Farm has become one of my favorite tea, senbei, fruit & nut spots. Plus they give out free coffee at the entrance, another lure. I have a serious coconut addiction since Thailand. <3

Two pixies came for a visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I don't remember

Tonight I had the amusement of walking home behind a drunken salaryman. He was swaying all over the road and eventually walked right into a wall. It was ridiculous! It looked exactly like something from a bad comedy. In the past I have seen drunken salary men hit a pole while attempting to ride a bicycle home, pass-out on the stairs of the subway in Tokyu-departo, trip backwards over a garden and fall feet-to-the-sky onto grass, vomit into a bag on the train, projectile vomit on the train and urinate all over their shoes. No one drinks quite like the Japanese..

After looking at some photos from a recent club-event in Canada I was shocked to notice what poor fashion sense Canadians have! I'm not saying I am the most stylish, fashionable person but after living in Tokyo for nearly a year I've become used to having extremely fashionable people around me all the time. My American friend warned me about this, that when I return to Canada I will be disgusted with peoples lack of fashion-sense but I didn't believe her until now.

49 days left in Tokyo..

I am so tired of finding homes, jobs, mobiles etc. I just want to settle someplace for more than 1 year. It's getting exhausting this constant re-locating.

I am dreaming a lot about people from Canada recently.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm dreaming about Grey Creek again.

It's crazy how fast time flys. I looked at some photos from Vancouver & the kootenays then noticed the date on them was 2008! Feels like just a couple months ago. And it's kind of depressing but I realized I look the same (not in the youth-sense but in style etc.). I am having such issues with the fact that my flight back to Vancouver is May 5th, it's constantly on my mind from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.

The cost of eating fresh in Tokyo

I am spending so much money on food recently. My biggest expense is food.
I've been eating fresh veggies and stirfrys & feeling healthy but today when I payed $4.50 for a head of broccoli and didn't think twice about it I realized I have been living in Tokyo too long.
My grocery list:
Seeds, nuts & dried fruits $9.00
8 veggies $17.53 (including an individually wrapped onion and red pepper)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I feel scammed.
My first white day & I didn't receive any chocolates or reciprocated gifts. Valentine's Day is all worked up & advertised, but there is the promise that White Day will be just as great for the ladies. Then it comes and passes just like any other day. I think I only saw 2 advertisements today! Cheated.

Aparently a 6.6mag earthquake hit Japan today & I should have felt it in Tokyo. I was in Shibuya at the time and didn't feel a thing.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Snow on monday
Sun on Saturday
It's 18 degrees today!!

I got 2 new plants for the kitchen, they are cute. I needed some green in that room now that I've started cooking in there a bit.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Snow!! It snowed lastnight. Quite different from the sunny beaches of Thailand!
And someone stole my heat tech from the laundry (v_v)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Aya and I arrived in Tokyo at 6:30pm today. I was a little worried about coming "home" because I expected to feel kind of lost coming home after traveling to an empty house in another foreign country but surprisingly when I opened the door and brought my bags into my room I felt settled again. My home is a home. I was also worried about the weather because it was 4 degrees when we landed but surprisingly I dont feel cold at all! I was more sensitive to the cold weather before I left for Thailand. Maybe because I am full of heat & charged with tropical sun energy now?

In Thailand my poor brain was so confused. I kept speaking Japanese to Thai people by accident/habit. When Aya and I met other Japanese people and they asked "Nihonjin?" (Are you Japanese?) I would answer "Hai" for Aya & I when I am obviously not Japanese. It was amusing but kind of embarrassing. Aya said I am so much like a Japanese it's incredible and she kept forgetting I was a foreigner. She agrees I must have been Japanese in a past life. Aya and I would speak in Japanese when we were shopping, trying to decide on a room or just talking about other foreigners without them understanding. It was so much fun.

The trip was great! Too short of course but shoganai. たのしかった!But Omiage.. what a pain!
The beach, sunshine (I got a good tan! And burn of course..), freedom, meeting of other travelers, ocean and island vibe were all so refreshing and inspiring. I've come back to Tokyo re-inspired and full on nature to last me another couple of weeks I hope. I haven't had a full nights sleep for 4 days so off to bed for me. Pictures will follow.

Love you all xoxo