Saturday, March 20, 2010


The moon is high in the sky bearing it's all-knowing-smile.
Summer weather makes you know everything's just gonna be alright.

The flow has carried me again, everything is so nice right now! Social connections with beautiful souls are occurring. I feel things are building and are just going to get better and better. And Yoga opportunities are finally here!
Today I went to Chaco's sale then Mika, Chaco & I ate a delicious lunch at a cute vegetable restaurant in Omotesando. It was so warm & windy today, there were so many people out. We went to the organic farmers market and I bought beautiful veggies-I can't wait to cook them!! The farmer was so nice, he gave me discounts and 2 carrots for free. Organic, semi-local and cheaper than the super! I will definitely be going back.

Kaldi Coffee Farm has become one of my favorite tea, senbei, fruit & nut spots. Plus they give out free coffee at the entrance, another lure. I have a serious coconut addiction since Thailand. <3

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