Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunshine & Dango

The weather in Tokyo is absolutely marvelous lately! Sunny everyday, plus 20, up to Wednesday.
Today I mailed my two parcels to Canada, 14000 yen-clothes and shoes. I have a shopping problem. It was amusing carrying the massive boxes to the post office.

I met Nobu & Ryota in Asakusa today for lunch. We explored the temple, prayed, ate & went to the oldest amusement park in Japan. It was slightly erie but really cool at the same time. We rode the "space shot" and the oldest (and maybe shortest) rollercoaster in Japan. I had so much fun, I miss hanging out with just boys! In Canada I almost always just hung out with boys but in Japan I don't spend so much time with more than one boy at a time and I forgot how much fun it is and how comfortable I feel around boys.

I bought a new 500GB hard drive because my mac is full. It cost around 9000 yen and tomorrow Nobu is going to install it for me.

I am really enjoying my final beautiful days in Japan, although very busy and sad.
I can't believe I am leaving.
It feels like I've been away from Canada much longer than 1 year. I am worried I won't be happy back in Canada..

The home situation is about to get even more uncomfortable. Mao's friend is coming to stay from the 1st to 4th (my last day). Which means 4 people in a very very small house made for 1 person. Probably means I won't be getting very good sleeps *sigh* しょうがない。。しょうがない。

I've been sleeping before 1am and waking up around 8:30am doing yoga every morning followed by beautiful fruit salads. I love it. I feel good and the day feels so much longer and more productive. I love sunshine (^_^)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I finished packing! My bags meet weight restrictions (so far..) and I'll send 2 parcels home (costing me about $150).
Funny thing is, now that I'm packed I am second guessing my choice of clothes to send and ones to pack with me to Van. But the box is already taped up & I'm too exhausted to open it so I'll just deal.

Next step: Cleaning my room & throwing away the things I can't take (2 plants & 5 pairs of shoes, how sad).

I'm getting nervous for Canada..... I'm worried I won't fit in there, even in Vancouver. I've become so accustomed to Tokyo big city high fashion life.

It's summer in Tokyo finally!! Sunny days above 20 C! Mmmm!

Now is the hour to bloom

Full Moon no doubt. My emotions are all over the place. Mainly stress but feeling a lot of anger, sadness, joy and lotsa stress. In honor of the full moon I am trying Brooke's Moon tea.
Money is just soaring away from me right now. I can't make enough time in the day for all the people I need to see & things I need to do. Golden week means everything is closed, which means I have one day (because tomorrow is a holiday) to do my parcels, mobile account and everything. I very much dislike my living situation right now. It is adding more stress I don't need. I just wanna move on..
But Everything will get better and come together. I trust that.

Last night I dreamt I was back in Vancouver. It was so real. But in the dream I was only visiting Vancouver for a month and then returning to Japan.... true? Only time will tell.

Mika offered to take me to the airport! How marvelous! She has been and is such an amazing friend (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Attachment & Detachment

I had an incredible visit to Kumano. Wayne and Takako were so great to me! They drove me around the area and really treated me well. I am grateful! I had a very spiritual experience in Kumano, the energy is very strong there. I would have loved more time there, I felt like I left right when I really started healing. I had very vivid & intense dreams and a series of strange experiences.
I feel wholesome.
I am eating well, feeling balanced and I have not had any alcohol for 10 days.

Gemma's music is all I can listen to recently.
"There's always so much to be done", tell me about it! I leave Tokyo in 9 days and there is so much more to be done. Today I am going to tackle my closet..... look at this mass..... oh goddess.. wish me luck.

I made Yuko a dread this weekend! We also discovered an amazing organic restaurant in Shimokitazawa that is actually cheap! I am really really going to miss eating out. It is so cheap in Japan to eat out (and no tips!).

I was looking forward to going to Canada but now I am not excited at all. It will be nice to see my family and friends but I don't feel excited. I love Japan. I feel so sad to leave.

Photos from the 7th reconstruction party this weekend

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tadaima Tokyo

Something about sunshine and summer tastes like freedom. It's contagious.

I love the new spring fashion! All flowers and Lace. Nobu and I went shopping in Sapporo (shopping with boys is surprisingly fun) and I finally got caught up with spring fashion. A white boho top, flower dress, brown coy-girl style boots and a light rose dress with lace ruffles on the bottom. Pictures will follow.

Hokkaido was so much fun!! It felt a lot like Canada, a mix of outside Vancouver and castlegar/okanagan. AMAZING FOOD... Oh my god..... sugoioishii!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had a very nice weekend ♥♡♥
Good Food, exploring, lovely people, shopping (I bought a new Canon IXY Digtal is Camera and oh oh ohhh love!), sakura and love.

I am so blessed, I can't thank the universe enough.

We went to Asakusa

Yoyogi Koen

The little park 5 minutes from my house is so gorgeous with Sakura right now. How lucky am I?

My wallet seems to hate me recently.. it is retaliating by spitting out every bill I put in.

I'm going to Hokkaido this weekend! I hope it's not cold.... hah.

I can't deal with this prolonged winter anymore. It feels like winter has been here forever.. like never ending.
For my mental & physical health.. please, bring summer asap.
Thank you.
Love: Amber