Monday, April 26, 2010

Attachment & Detachment

I had an incredible visit to Kumano. Wayne and Takako were so great to me! They drove me around the area and really treated me well. I am grateful! I had a very spiritual experience in Kumano, the energy is very strong there. I would have loved more time there, I felt like I left right when I really started healing. I had very vivid & intense dreams and a series of strange experiences.
I feel wholesome.
I am eating well, feeling balanced and I have not had any alcohol for 10 days.

Gemma's music is all I can listen to recently.
"There's always so much to be done", tell me about it! I leave Tokyo in 9 days and there is so much more to be done. Today I am going to tackle my closet..... look at this mass..... oh goddess.. wish me luck.

I made Yuko a dread this weekend! We also discovered an amazing organic restaurant in Shimokitazawa that is actually cheap! I am really really going to miss eating out. It is so cheap in Japan to eat out (and no tips!).

I was looking forward to going to Canada but now I am not excited at all. It will be nice to see my family and friends but I don't feel excited. I love Japan. I feel so sad to leave.

Photos from the 7th reconstruction party this weekend

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