Sunday, February 21, 2010

My skin hurts

Last Sunday for Valentines Day I went with Ayako to a mountain illumination by Japan Bamboo Project. It was beautiful but so cold. I couldn't move, just wrap myself in a sleeping bag, sit by the grill (our friends were selling Djembe's so we had a lil BBQ in the tent) and eat. The chill lasted 2 days!

Yesterday I modeled with Mika for Kayo's leather Fashion, it was fun & creative. Photos will come!

Today Akira, Sayaka, Mika and I went to Takao-san to visit a temple to cleanse Mika & Sayaka of their badluck. The Japanese believe that there are 3 ages men & women are cursed with misfortune and to clear this bad energy they must visit a temple & ceremony. We watched a beautiful ceremony performed by monks at the temple, chanting & burning away the bad energy, it was very powerful. Then we hiked the mountain and visited the 88 shrines of the area. It was very Shanti & peaceful, great to be in nature again. The weather was beautiful this weekend finally! We ate soba, sobasushi (めずらし!)and cake. It was so nice to see Akira & Sayaka again, I'd missed them. And congrats to them, they are engaged as of newyears!!! I bought a beautiful nautilus shell at the temple flea market for 1000yen to add to my mini shrine. I felt very attracted to this shell.

PS, shiny new sparkle pikapika tights!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I miss this..

Some things I miss in Canada
-Cheap(er) veggies & fruit
-Insulated buildings
-Showers & bathtubs!!
-Cheap public transport
-Parks & nature
-Eating in public
-Talking on public transport(sometimes)
-It being acceptable to be a nampa.. aka friendly hah
-Nonsmoking areas!!! I think I have inhaled enough 2nd hand smoke in Japan to be considered a smoker in Canada

There are loads of things that are better about japan than Canada but I just felt like pointing out the opposite.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bruised Palm

A man who claimed he knew some kind of acupressure pressed my hand and because I reacted in pain (It hurt so much!) he told me I have a problem in my Stomach. He said it was most likely Stomach Cancer.. but it could also be an ulcer. Hah! Great! The next day my palm was bruised from all the pressure he applied to it. Bakadesho.. I cant believe some of the things I have to put up with sometimes.

Aya bought the ticket to Thailand but because Japanese dont have middle names she didnt think I did either. So my name on the ticket is all messed up and the companies are trying to work it out right now. I am just waiting.. praying it works out. Yesterday it snowed in Tokyo for the first time in 2 years. Wet feet, cold and stuck inside feeing.. I dont like. Today was mild and most of the snow melted so I could run again! Must go to Thailand ASAP.. heh ^_^

This week I have 4 English lessons! I have decided to save everything I make from English for Thailand. This week $120!

Mangetsu on Saturday was incredible. We went to the 60th floor of Sunshine City. The contrast of the city lights and the moon was a raw slightly obsceine kind of beauty.

In Japan Valentines Day is for the women to buy chocolates for their man. On March 14th is "White Day" when the men reciprocate the gift and buy the woman a slightly more expensive chocolate. How strange ne? Mika and I are baking a raw food chocolate cake on Valentines Day. Mmm.

Love love from Tokyo