Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bruised Palm

A man who claimed he knew some kind of acupressure pressed my hand and because I reacted in pain (It hurt so much!) he told me I have a problem in my Stomach. He said it was most likely Stomach Cancer.. but it could also be an ulcer. Hah! Great! The next day my palm was bruised from all the pressure he applied to it. Bakadesho.. I cant believe some of the things I have to put up with sometimes.

Aya bought the ticket to Thailand but because Japanese dont have middle names she didnt think I did either. So my name on the ticket is all messed up and the companies are trying to work it out right now. I am just waiting.. praying it works out. Yesterday it snowed in Tokyo for the first time in 2 years. Wet feet, cold and stuck inside feeing.. I dont like. Today was mild and most of the snow melted so I could run again! Must go to Thailand ASAP.. heh ^_^

This week I have 4 English lessons! I have decided to save everything I make from English for Thailand. This week $120!

Mangetsu on Saturday was incredible. We went to the 60th floor of Sunshine City. The contrast of the city lights and the moon was a raw slightly obsceine kind of beauty.

In Japan Valentines Day is for the women to buy chocolates for their man. On March 14th is "White Day" when the men reciprocate the gift and buy the woman a slightly more expensive chocolate. How strange ne? Mika and I are baking a raw food chocolate cake on Valentines Day. Mmm.

Love love from Tokyo

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