Sunday, January 24, 2010

hello monday?

*ignore my dorky sleep face*
I finally bought the flower dress. I walked by it everyday for a week & finally got it and Pearls! Cuz I like this outfit from nuts <3

Another nampa approached me when I was walking home Friday after work & tried to get me to double with him on his bike. When I politely refused he asked for my number. no thanks. ok. bye bye. sigh.

I meet with Aya yesterday and we decided on a day.. Feb26 thailand & full moon party!!! I bought sunglasses & a summer dress (not black!!) to celebrate!

It takes all my will to get out of bed before 1pm. That said, it is 2:30pm and Im still in bed.


  1. Hi Amber

    Thought of you Friday evening when I was playing at a house concert here in Victoria. My buddy Kenn and I dedicated the Bruce Cockburn song "Tokyo" to you- all the images of trains, crowds, and other ups and downs... And you're living a whole new time there, even if some things sound quite unchanging (projectile....etc.!)

    Good idea to get the blog out- I have done the same- onesownnote- check it out!
    Looking forward to more of your adventures and stories.

    Lots o' love from Miryam and I, here in Lotus land!


  2. Hi Phipipp,
    Thanks for your comment!! I will be following your blog as well from now.
    Mom told me you dedicated the song to me, that means so much-Thank you!! Your support makes me so grateful.

    Love to Both of you!