Monday, January 18, 2010

Projectile Vomit in a Crowded Train

On Friday the last train was crazy packed as usual. I was coming home from work on Inokashira line and right before my stop, as the train applied the brakes, I was suddenly pushed by the crowd and fell on some sitting people. Then I heard a girl kind of scream. The train was SO crowded you cant move even if you use all force, so I got up off the sitting people said "sumimasen" and then I smelt something strange. The train opened its doors and I turned around to get off. As I turned the first thing I noticed was a girl sobbing wriping her dress, I then looked up and saw a man with vomit on his face and dripping off his nose (this image really sticks with me)! There was chunky vomit all over about 10 people, covering the floor of the train and tracked out the doors onto the platform. It was disguisting. I was lucky I was pushed because if I was only a couple inches closer it would have been all over me. On my way home I was fantasizing about what I would eat when I got off the train, needless to say after that I had completely lost my appetite.
Ooohhh Japan....

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