Sunday, January 3, 2010


I made the decision to start another blog because Im feeling disconnected from my beloveds, specially those in Canada. Im hoping this will be another way to stay&feel connected. Dont expect great significance in my posts, they will mainly consist of random blurbs, rants & photos. Enjoy (^o^)

Water was spilt on my macbook and now approx. 12 keys dont work! Im gonna give it time and pray all the keys come back to life. In the meantime typing is tedious & frustrating because I have to copy & past all the keys that dont work (which are nybmhj?6).

After a absolutely lovely new years, both Gabriele & judy went back to Canada. I miss them so much, more than I could have anticipated. I am very grateful to have such amazing friends who were able to come see me <3

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