Sunday, February 21, 2010

My skin hurts

Last Sunday for Valentines Day I went with Ayako to a mountain illumination by Japan Bamboo Project. It was beautiful but so cold. I couldn't move, just wrap myself in a sleeping bag, sit by the grill (our friends were selling Djembe's so we had a lil BBQ in the tent) and eat. The chill lasted 2 days!

Yesterday I modeled with Mika for Kayo's leather Fashion, it was fun & creative. Photos will come!

Today Akira, Sayaka, Mika and I went to Takao-san to visit a temple to cleanse Mika & Sayaka of their badluck. The Japanese believe that there are 3 ages men & women are cursed with misfortune and to clear this bad energy they must visit a temple & ceremony. We watched a beautiful ceremony performed by monks at the temple, chanting & burning away the bad energy, it was very powerful. Then we hiked the mountain and visited the 88 shrines of the area. It was very Shanti & peaceful, great to be in nature again. The weather was beautiful this weekend finally! We ate soba, sobasushi (めずらし!)and cake. It was so nice to see Akira & Sayaka again, I'd missed them. And congrats to them, they are engaged as of newyears!!! I bought a beautiful nautilus shell at the temple flea market for 1000yen to add to my mini shrine. I felt very attracted to this shell.

PS, shiny new sparkle pikapika tights!

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