Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blue Moon

I don't know if it's the moon, the weather or my thoughts but I'm having trouble sleeping lately. Boo.

Every Japanese that has come to my room has used the same word to describe it: "Simple". This really surprises me every time. I certainly do not think it is simple, there are photos all over the walls, plants, fabrics, decorations and a chair in it. When I heard this for about the 4th time I told my German friend who made it clear to me why they thought it was "simple". In Japan there is no storage space in Apartments, so everyone has boxes or storage in their room in view. I don't have so much stuff & in Germany + Canada we like to keep that stuff out of sight. So I shove it under my bed, in Shumi's closet etc. Now it makes sense why my room is simple. .

Today is 19 Degrees!! Finally a break from cold & rain!
I'm oh so looking forward to hanami this weekend, Sat & Sun!

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