Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I don't remember

Tonight I had the amusement of walking home behind a drunken salaryman. He was swaying all over the road and eventually walked right into a wall. It was ridiculous! It looked exactly like something from a bad comedy. In the past I have seen drunken salary men hit a pole while attempting to ride a bicycle home, pass-out on the stairs of the subway in Tokyu-departo, trip backwards over a garden and fall feet-to-the-sky onto grass, vomit into a bag on the train, projectile vomit on the train and urinate all over their shoes. No one drinks quite like the Japanese..

After looking at some photos from a recent club-event in Canada I was shocked to notice what poor fashion sense Canadians have! I'm not saying I am the most stylish, fashionable person but after living in Tokyo for nearly a year I've become used to having extremely fashionable people around me all the time. My American friend warned me about this, that when I return to Canada I will be disgusted with peoples lack of fashion-sense but I didn't believe her until now.

49 days left in Tokyo..

I am so tired of finding homes, jobs, mobiles etc. I just want to settle someplace for more than 1 year. It's getting exhausting this constant re-locating.

I am dreaming a lot about people from Canada recently.

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