Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This weekend I went to a raw food restaurant with Sayaka, Akira & Mika. Delicious Sakura Raw Dessert <3 Mmm!

Sunday I went to Meguro river for Cherry Blossom viewing & Jazz+Wine by the river. Afterwards we went to Roppongi for an art exhibit featuring photography. Definitely inspiring & really made me marvel at the complexity & simplicity of Nature. Then we watched Avatar. It was a beautiful movie and I enjoyed it but I was expecting more. It almost reminded me of Jurrasic Park meets Pocahontas. But I've decided I will be Neytiri for halloween next year! I already have the hair, stretched ear, accessories and clothes.. or lack there of.

My startup disk is full so I can't upload any photos (which is really sad because I have some beautiful ones from the weekend!).

Today I walked to a little river near my home that has beautiful Sakura right now (I run under them everyday, lucky!). While I was taking photos a cute obachan came up to me and {in Japanese, again I am proud I can understand everything she said!} told me this was a good picture, beautiful with the sakura & train. Then she asked me which country I am from, how tall I am and said beautiul, I have very long legs. It was cute, she kept talking to me and hanging around. Also at Meguro Kawa sunday 2 Obachans walked by me and said "Wow! Long legs!" I turned around and laughed and they were shocked saying "She can understand Japanese!! Sorry, excuse me.. but your legs are so long!" I smiled and told them I understand, it's ok and thank you. They said "Beautiful, I like! I like!". So cute Obachans. Haha but I swear if I had 100yen every time someone said "Long Legs" or "Small Face" to me since coming to Japan I would be rich.

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