Sunday, March 7, 2010


Aya and I arrived in Tokyo at 6:30pm today. I was a little worried about coming "home" because I expected to feel kind of lost coming home after traveling to an empty house in another foreign country but surprisingly when I opened the door and brought my bags into my room I felt settled again. My home is a home. I was also worried about the weather because it was 4 degrees when we landed but surprisingly I dont feel cold at all! I was more sensitive to the cold weather before I left for Thailand. Maybe because I am full of heat & charged with tropical sun energy now?

In Thailand my poor brain was so confused. I kept speaking Japanese to Thai people by accident/habit. When Aya and I met other Japanese people and they asked "Nihonjin?" (Are you Japanese?) I would answer "Hai" for Aya & I when I am obviously not Japanese. It was amusing but kind of embarrassing. Aya said I am so much like a Japanese it's incredible and she kept forgetting I was a foreigner. She agrees I must have been Japanese in a past life. Aya and I would speak in Japanese when we were shopping, trying to decide on a room or just talking about other foreigners without them understanding. It was so much fun.

The trip was great! Too short of course but shoganai. たのしかった!But Omiage.. what a pain!
The beach, sunshine (I got a good tan! And burn of course..), freedom, meeting of other travelers, ocean and island vibe were all so refreshing and inspiring. I've come back to Tokyo re-inspired and full on nature to last me another couple of weeks I hope. I haven't had a full nights sleep for 4 days so off to bed for me. Pictures will follow.

Love you all xoxo

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