Friday, December 31, 2010

ぁけぉめ☆m(_ _)mことょろ\(^0^)/

The last few new years have been special, spent with good friends & missions.

Last New Years was in Chiba, Japan. Incredible 3 stages, sparkler bonfire, subwoofer floors, bamboo, full moon and giggles. It was a very special time.

-First 4.5 months spent in Japan
-Some soul searching & lots of bliss in incredible trips to Kumano, Takao, Hokkaido & Thailand
-Cut off my 7 year old Dreads
-Wonderful Flow
-Return to Canada & was introduced to a whole new group of friends (A little too much partying maybe but it was fun)
-Many growing/learning experiences with relationships
-Bought my first car, Shorty-the wonderful Jetta
-Returned to Nelson & started teaching Yoga again & Working at RBC
-Made marvelous connects with incredible people
-Determined a career I want to pursue

2010 has blessed me with rich experiences & much love. I am open to receive what 2011 has in store! Happy New Year Everyone!
2011 here we come, and may we get all our hearts desires in the year to come.

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