Tuesday, May 11, 2010

But something new and special and possibly big, is brewing.

I had a dream last night I was up the road behind Dad's house with 2 other people and we ran into a Bear and Cub. The Cub ran away but then the Mama started coming towards us. The Bear turned into a Lion, an amazing golden lion with very fierce eyes. It started toward us and we backed up. It was looking hopeless, we thought we would surely be attacked. Then I started honking the horn on my little bicycle and we all started jumping and yelling (but my voice was sore). She turned around and we escaped.

The 2nd part of my dream took place in Japan at an old temple with a friend who resembled Aya. I was joining a community and one of the rules was that people higher rank than you would throw large rocks at you (your head, back etc.). I was angry at how violent this was.

What could this mean?
Perhaps struggle? New challenges?

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