Saturday, May 22, 2010


Finding your place in the world may be something of a mystery, dream or fantasy but the signs of taking some radical measures are present. In one way or another you are determined to enter into new territory.

This is the beginning of an amazing time of change and excitement. Uranus, the planet of magnetic attraction—a regular quick-change artist—also enters your sector of buddies, teammates and freedom. Somehow, you are going to be at the forefront of an important dream.

I feel like I am at a serious point of change.
I feel the need to settle down, grow some roots and establish something. All this constant re-starting is getting tiring. Thoughts of school (creative director or chiropractor) are tickling my brain. I need to go to Africa sometime in my life but I really don't know if now is the time. I'm tired of moving so fast. I will just wait it out a bit longer, if it feels right then off I go.
I feel caught and pulled between the 3 (or more) lives I want to live all at once. Perhaps part of the curse of being a Gemini is easily getting bored and constantly changing my mind/not being able to make decisions. I want to live the simple beautiful kootenay life, I want to live the professional fun city life, and I want to live the backpacker free life. At the same time I don't want anything, I want to hibernate for a long time.

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